A downloadable smol game for Windows

This game was made for Floppy Jam 2018.


You are a green ninja, infiltrating the red temple. Your goal is to steal the purple idols without getting caught by the guards. Every time you steal the idol, the number of guards will increase, and the temple layout will change. After you steal it 10 times, something happens...


WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Space to use a bomb that will destroy nearby walls.


My goal for this project was to make the smallest possible game I could, while still having it be fun and interesting. Ninja succeeds at this as well as being under Floppy Jam's max size of 1.44MB, coming in at just 25,600 bytes, or 25KB. The source is available on GitHub here.


Ninja runs on the .NET Framework 3.5 and up. Windows XP and up should be able to run this game without problems. Mac, Linux, and DOS users will need Mono, Wine, or any other port of .NET that you enjoy.

Ninja can optionally play MIDI music of your choice. If you have a single track MIDI file, you can convert it to the required JSON format here. Placing the file as music.json in the same directory as Ninja will present you with an option to play the music before starting the game.


25,600 bytes in size, 4-bit color, 32-bit sound, ANSI text format, multi-threaded, no third-party libraries.


Ninja - Binary Executable 25 kB

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