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The Great Sea is an action-adventure game about exploring and battling in a vast ocean and on a small group of islands. Players explore the sea on giant sailing ships and battle pirates for the right to claim the mighty ocean as theirs.

The Great Sea

Update Table:

Done Type Version Name Content
Yes ALPHA 0.1 The Great Sea Update Ocean, Boats, Etc
Yes 0.2 The AI Update AI Enemies
0.3 The Tactical Update Tactical Info
No 0.4 The Multiplayer Update Multiplayer Mode
No 0.5 The Finalization Update Finishing Touches
No BETA 0.6 The Bronze Update Bugfixes
No 0.7 The Silver Update Additions
No 0.8 The Gold Update Bugfixes
No 0.9 The Platinum Update Additions
No OFFICIAL 1.0 The Official Final Update Bugfixes

Update Videos:

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